Monthly Blogroll Update

Four newcomers this time around. It’s high time to subdivide the blogroll, but as I’m a tad preoccupied these days, it’ll have to wait another month.

“immediacy”: is the brainchild of local blogger Glen Engel-Cox, who I met at a mini-gathering a few weeks ago. His interests in comics and obscure board games speak well of him, and he writes well, so it’s easy to overlook the fact that he likes musicals.

“Maps and Territories”: is a highly specialized blog: every few days it’s updated with a map (or part of a map) and a related bit of text snagged from a history book, novel, or other source. Wonderful brain candy for your inner cartographer.

“The Slumbering Lungfish”: is the blog of the erstwhile author of Brunching Shuttlecocks and present author of the “Book of Ratings”: Need I say more?

Gary Farber’s “Amygdala”: is the latest of the venerable blogs that everybody should be reading that I’m finally getting around to reading. Good stuff.