November Search String Excerpts

Here are some of the phrases that people entered into a search engine that led them, by hook or by crook, to this site. Last month’s are “here”: Next month should see a big influx of Two Towers-related search hits, but no wacky Tolkien ones have trickled in yet. I’m hoping there’ll be at least one ‘gimli eowyn chocolate pudding.’ We’ll see.

Wachowski Bros. Dept.

_in increasing order of ire_

the wachowski brothers explain
wachowski disappoint
wachowski brothers suck / the wachowski brothers suck
wachowski brothers email address
wachowski brothers address / what is the wachowski brothers address
sinister wachowski

I Think You Want ‘And’ Not ‘Or’ Dept.

slacking or palpable or selective or guidebooks or tariffs
ciphers or cosmopolitan or righter or cofactor or aura
abstracted or technologists or commonplaces or infarct or flaw

Dept. of Etiquette and How-To

how to address two brothers in a letter
beat the players in backgammon
matrix form fusion farms rubber band
free step by step levitation
counterterrorist defenestration

Dept. of This-And-That

muay thai cry tears bangkok
hay ride to hell
gnome novel
is there reasons why tarantino is not an auteur
what yu gi oh character comes from the streets & is a very loyal friend
old hero like odysseus and new hero like indiana jones are the same
poems about car mechanics