Rating Quarters

Lore Sjoberg (I’m too lazy to hunt for the umlaut code) is at his best with the most recent installment to the Book of Ratings: “State Quarters, Part 5”:http://www.bookofratings.com/. Go read ’em all, but here’s Arkansas:

Rice. A diamond. A duck. A lake. I feel like the Arkansas quarter shows the possible answers to some demented multiple choice question the Devil keeps in his ass. If you put photographs of those things in front of me and asked what they had in common, I would boggle at them until my angry brain cut me off from reality and informed me I was now Duke of Teacup Land. I would be a wise but firm ruler to the small, breakable people of Teacup Land, living a long life and siring many strong sons who would fight over the throne even as they stood over my deathbed. Eventually I would drift off into smug death, never knowing that the answer was “Arkansas.” D+