Monthly Blogroll Update

After “last month’s”: onslaught of new blogs, we’re back down to a more reasonable number of additions:

* Kevin Drum of “Calpundit”: provides good left-of-center political commentary. And every time I worry that I’m blogging too much about the incidentals of my personal life, I just think: Hey! Kevin blogs about his _cats_!
* “Rock Scissors Blog”: is a group blog about roleplaying games. Writers include “Bruce Baugh”: and “Jim Henley”: Not updated near often enough, but definitely worth reading.
* Jonathan Edelstein of “The Head Heeb”: blogs about all the world news (especially Third World news) that you don’t hear enough about in U.S. media.
* And the blog I’ve already rolled but that you really ought to be reading: definitely “Slacktivist”: His page by page broadside against the _Left Behind_ books (still ongoing) is glorious fun.