Go Ahead: Admit It

“Group Hug”:http://grouphug.us/ is a website where you can type in a confession about something you did, anonymously. It appears on the site in a bloggish format. The only sort of editorializing from the site admins appears to be the removal of stuff that doesn’t count as a confession.

It makes for interesting reading, but I can’t decide if it’s prurient or profound. Most of it is definitely the former; some entries are obviously made up, others are just jokes, but in among them you’ll find confessions that are genuinely disturbing, or touching, or both. Adolescents appear to be posting most of them, but who knows if that’s because younger people are more eager to confess, or just because they’ve heard of the site first. The vast majority of them are about sex.

And no, I didn’t post a confession while visiting the site, so stop trying to guess which one is mine. UPDATE: OK, now I did put a confession in, though it’s not appearing on the site right away. When it does there should be no trouble identifying it as mine. UPDATE: Actually, it appear that the entries are shuffled or randomly placed; at any rate they don’t seem to be added chronologically. Still haven’t seen mine yet.

Via “The Agitator”:http://www.theagitator.com/.