“Cool trailer”:http://www.lordoftherings.net/index_400_hv_presell.html. Favorite moment: the slightest hint of a grin on Gandalf’s face in response to Aragorn’s question. That’s hope in Tolkien in a nutshell. Minas Tirith looks great. But what’s up with Galadriel reaching down a hand to help Frodo? Hopefully not a cheesy dream sequence. I’d be fine with a post-dunking reunion scene, though. That would actually fit the structure of the films quite nicely.

The more imminent question, though, is how much the 40 minutes of extra footage in the extended-edition DVD can do for Two Towers. No way they’re going to redeem that film’s offending scenes, but the FOTR extra footage worked far more magic than I would have guessed possible, so I’m optimistic.