OK, bluster aside, I knew that I did in fact respect this storm when Suanna and I were heading outside for a couple minutes. I pressed the button to call the elevator, but then we thought better of it and headed for the stairwell. Outside the air was drizzling and charged with energy; it felt surreal, but this was as much due to the absence of traffic sounds on Route 50 as it was the wind. They’re saying on the news that the worst is an hour or two away yet. (Not even 2 inches of rain let — much more on the way.)

Fortunately, the mail did arrive today, and with it a new batch of Netflix DVDs to pass the stormtime with. Castle in the Sky: gorgeous and bizarre, like you’d expect from Hayao Miyazaki. I didn’t think it was in the league of Spirited Away, but I was partly annoyed that he borrowed so much from his own Nausicaa. Children of Dune: only one episode in so far, but man, is it good. Better than Sci-Fi’s original Dune series so far; like that one, its biggest strength is the script, an elegant adaptation that uses Herbert’s own words and dialogue as much as possible. Looking forward to seeing the rest — or reading Finder if the power goes out. Win-win.