May Search String Excerpts

Just a few this time around. Many of the funnier ones I’ve already commented on in previous months.

*great white shark outer banks* — See, I _knew_ it . . .
*the long haired sucker* — That was me a few months ago, but now it’s just “The Sucker,” if you don’t mind.
*idle baby weight in 7 months* — If a baby at six months is any indication, then little to none of their weight will be idle at seven months. Oh, wait, you meant _ideal_. I dunno, but I _do_ know that googling is a rather unreliable way to accumulate baby lore.
*where can i find fun facts about the drug opium?* — Um . . . right here! It was legal in the U.S. until 1915 or so. It’s used to make both heroin and codeine. It’s the number one crop of Afghanistan, though the U.S. government is trying to get them to grow different things, but doing so without collapsing their economy (such as it is) is proving difficult. It’s not much, but there ya go.