Bikini Hits

I’ve been puzzled by the large uptick in hits that Polytropos has been getting from Google the past couple of weeks; only today did I examine the logs in enough detail to figure out what was going on. Hundreds and hundreds of people have found my Gencon entry by doing a Google “image search”: on the word “bikini.” This is because one of the pictures I posted was the requisite shot of a woman in a chainmail bikini, which I named “bikini.jpg”. That picture made it up to page two of the search results.

Something tells me that people who find the site via a bikini search aren’t likely to stick around for the articles, as it were. So I took the picture off, though I can’t quite believe I’m doing something in order to _reduce_ traffic to this site.

If you’re reading _this_ entry because of a search for bikini pictures on the Internet: get a life! Well, maybe not a _life_ exactly, but: read blogs! Start “here”:, or, if you’re put off by my shameless self-promotion, “here”: or “here”: